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Bohemian Waxwing (Bombycilla garrulus) © Andrew Oldacre

Meetings of the Isle of Mull Bird Club,
for the 2018/2019 Season


Next Meeting

The next Bird Club meeting is on Thursday 6th December

Christmas Dinner!

© The Aigas Scottish Wildcat Conservation Breeding Project - Wildcat

Other puddings are available ...

Saturday 8th December - Fieldtrip to Lochs Don, Spelve & Buie


Thursday 6th December 2018
Christmas Dinner at the Isle of Mull Hotel in Craignure. Dinner is at 7.30pm. Two courses for £11 per person, or three corses at £15 per person. You can view the menu here. Order on the night, but please let a committee member know if you are attending please.

Please note the change of venue and day of the week!


Saturday 8th December 2018
Fieldtrip to Lochs Don, Spelve & Buie, led by Ewan Miles. Bring a packed lunch. Meet at 10am at Craignure Village Hall, returning to Craignure Inn at 3pm for afternoon tea.

Friday 11th January 2019
Indoor meeting at Craignure Village Hall, 7.30pm. An illustrated talk by Jim Manthorpe - "Eagles to Otters; filming Scotland's wildlife"


Saturday 12th January 2019
Start from where ever you are on the island at 9.30am and make a list of all the species you see - yes, it's the BIG BIRD COUNT! Meet at 3pm at Ballygown for the results from all the teams taking part and the presentation of the 'Oystercatcher' Trophy.


The Bird Club 'off-island' residential trip to Morecombe Bay is from Monday 28th January to Friday 1st February 2019. Please let the secretary know if you are interested.


Friday 15th February 2019
Indoor meeting at Craignure Village Hall, 7.30pm An illustrated talk by Ewan Miles - title to follow ...


Saturday 16th February 2019
Fieldtrip to Salen Bay, Aros estuary and Knock hatchery, led by Ewan Miles. Meet at Salen Hotel car park at 10am.Refreshment at 3pm; venue to be decided. Bring a packed lunch.

Friday 15th March 2019
Indoor meeting at Craignure Village Hall, 7.30pm An illustrated talk by Robbie Whytock - "Optimising habitat creation for woodland birds: lessons from a long term, large scale natural experiment."


Sunday 17th March 2019
Eagle fieldtrip – a tour led by Jacqui Murphy to watch eagles which we hope will be displaying in the prelude to breeding. Bring a packed lunch. Meet at 10am Craignure Village Hall, returning to Blaizey’s at 4pm for afternoon tea.

Evening trip to north Loch na Keal, led by Steven Littlewood, to see the diver roost off Eaorsa. To be arranged for February/March.

Friday 12th April 2019
Indoor meeting at Craignure Village Hall, 7.30pm AGM followed by an illustrated talk from Jim Coyle - "The Birds of Glasgow"


Saturday 13th April 2019
Fieldtrip to Morvern. Meet at 9.50am at Fishnish to take the 10am ferry to Lochaline. Bring a packed lunch. Returning at 16.00 to take the 16.25 ferry back to Mull.

Diary Dates



Friday 21st September (Indoor Meeting)

Saturday 22nd September (Field Trip)

Friday 19th October (Indoor Meeting)

Saturday 20th October (Field Trip)

Friday 16th November (Indoor Meeting)

Saturday 17th November (Field Trip)

Thursday 6th December (Christmas Meal)

Saturday 8th December (Field Trip)


Friday 11th January (Indoor Meeting)

Saturday 12th January (Field Trip, BBC)

Friday 15th February (Indoor Meeting)

Saturday 16th February (Field Trip)

Friday 15th March (Indoor Meeting)

Sunday 17th March (Field Trip)

Friday 12th April (AGM)

Saturday 13 April (Field Trip)


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